Sustainable Business


TEAL will be a driving force in innovation, business development and knowledge sharing at the intersection of the blue and green sectors. By focusing on and strengthening the investment in blue-green industries such as greenhouses and agriculture, aquaculture, local food, tourism and other relevant industries, our main goal is to contribute to increased value creation, growth and development of the business community in the region.



Næringshage and proud SIVA-partner

TEAL is part of the nationwide Næringshageprogammet. A Næringshage is an innovation company that offers companies services such as business consulting, help in developing business ideas, market planning, networking, internationalization and other development-related tasks at a subsidized cost. Næringshagen will be an active provider and facilitator of expertise, networks and infrastructure, as well as being an attractive meeting place and interaction arena for companies. An important task for the business parks is to connect the companies to relevant professional environments, R&D environments, other innovation companies, investment environments, and public policy instruments.

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