Through the næringshage program, TEAL has extra focus on companies and entrepreneurs with development potential. Through TEAL, these companies can become a målbedrift and have their own development agreement with TEAL.

As a målbedrift at TEAL, you will have access to different types of expertise, and links to relevant networks and resource environments.

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The business parks in Norway have as their main goal to create growth in local businesses. An important part of this work is about linking so-called target companies to the business park. These are not necessarily companies that are co-located in a business park, but companies that buy services from the business park.

Target companies are in the category of small and medium-sized companies, which conduct commercial activities, and which have a goal and desire for growth and development.

One of the great advantages of being a target company associated with a business park is that you become part of a state-funded program that qualifies for support from SIVA. This means that the services you buy from the business park are part-financed by SIVA and the company itself. Thus, you pay a deductible for the services instead of buying them at market price from another player.

To become a target company, you must enter into a written target company agreement with the business park. It may contain specific information about services to be purchased, and a number of hours related to the services. But it can also be more general, and for example contain an estimate of hours you envisage buying from the business park.

So if you want to grow your business, grow and create greater value?

Talk to us about a target company agreement, and we will find a race that suits your situation, whether you need to consider management, strategy, marketing, sales or internationalization.

With us, you can get assistance for:

  • applications
  • business development
  • strategy work
  • marketing work
  • recruitment
  • own competence development

The business parks also put you in touch with:

  • financial institutions
  • investor environment
  • government agencies
  • R&D institutions
  • suppliers
  • board competence
  • IT solutions
  • legal aid
  • accounting and auditing providers