Strategy Processes

TEAL can contribute in all or parts of the strategy process. If desired, we can be involved from the idea and planning phase, until the strategy is ready to be put into practice. Do you need a good process supervisor in strategy meetings? Someone who can gather the threads, and take the process further in collaboration with the board and administration, in order to then be able to decide what speed and direction the company will develop in? On the basis of such processes, we are happy to contribute to the development of the entire strategy process with vision, mission, specific goals, sub-goals and values, etc. We want to challenge the board and administration in a creative strategy process, to achieve good discussions and good results. For us, it is important that a strategy is a process that lives and develops. Yes, we have a goal – but it must constantly be adjusted and adapted to what is happening in the market.

The business developers in TEAL can help you solve well through strategy processes, and we are happy to have a non-committal chat, to discuss how we can together with you ensure a good implementation that helps ensure a good basis for further development of the company.

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