TEAL arranges a number of courses, lectures, conferences and network meetings throughout the year.

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LinkedIn Basic 23. September

LinkedIn is a social network on the Internet that is used mainly for business purposes. The network has more than 660 million users from over 200 countries. The network is used to gather professional contacts and business associates.

This is a basic course that provides an introduction to how you as an individual can create a LinkedIn profile and take advantage of the opportunity that exists on the platform.

The webinar lasts for 2.5 hours including breaks.

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Powerpoint- and presentation techniques 29. September

Do you want to learn and make great presentations as well as learn more about presentation techniques and how to get a message across in the best possible way? Then this is for you.

The webinar lasts for 3.5 hours including breaks.

This is a basic course, but it is an advantage if you have used for example Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office before, but you do not need to be an expert.

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