Norwegian Catapult Centre


Give the company a faster, better and less risky innovation process

Catapult centers make it easy for innovative companies to develop prototypes, test, visualize and simulate – so that ideas are developed faster, better and with less risk. The Catapult Center tailors the service to the needs of the company, whether it is assistance throughout the innovation process or to a specific, limited challenge.

The scheme has been established to strengthen the ability to innovate for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the country. The ambition is to build an infrastructure for innovation with 7-9 national catapult centers in areas of great value for the industry of the future in Norway. Siva manages the scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and in close collaboration with Innovation Norway and the Research Council.

Norwegian catapult contributes to jobs and value creation
The Norwegian catapult currently consists of five different catapult centers – Manufactoring Technology, Future Materials, Ocean Innovation, Sustainable Energy and Digicat.

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