Fjellam frå Ryfylke

Fjellam frå Ryfylke signed an agreement with Prima Jæren and A. Idsøe in August 2021. Now 2 months later, their stick meat is a finalist in Det Norske Måltid, which indicates further growth for the farmers in Ryfylke.

«The best in Norwegian food»

In August 2021, the door to a larger market was opened when Fjellam frå Ryfylke signed an agreement with Prima Jæren and A.Idsøe. 2 months later the cold-smoked stick meat from Fjellam frå Ryfylke became a finalist in Det Norske Måltid under the category processed meat. Det Norske Måltid is a selection of the best food and beverage producers in Norway, and is one of the food industry’s most important and most prestigious awards. This is really a hallmark of quality which together with increased interest in Norwegian-produced food will ensure an exciting future for the 29 farmers in Fjellam frå Ryfylke.

Norwegian-produced food has recently received a stronger focus from both consumers and organizations. Consumers are more aware and organizations want to promote short-haul food. For this reason, various measures have been established to improve knowledge in the Norwegian market. Stiftelsen Norsk Mat works with labeling schemes that make it easier to choose Norwegian food, and Fjellam frå Ryfylke wants a protected geographical indication to be adopted via Stiftelsen Norsk Mat. Protected designations are a public labeling scheme that ensures that Norwegian food receive the protection and recognition they deserve.

Fjellam frå Ryfylke SA was founded in March 2017 as a cooperation, today there are 29 members who are sheep farmers from Ryfylke. The purpose of Fjellam frå Ryfylke is to preserve the tradition of sending the sheep to mountain pastures in the summer, and deliver high quality meat products. The mountain pastures abound with herbs, willows and fresh grass that gives strong, healthy and tasty lambs.

Our role

TEAL has worked on designing the application through målbedriftsavtalen, and the project has received financial support through the Ryfylke Fund. Furthermore, we look forward to the continuation and cheers on Fjellam frå Ryfylke in Det Norske Måltid. In addition, we cross our fingers for an approved protected designation.

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