Apal Sideri

Apal Sideri has been producing fresh apple juice for several years, but when Dan Olav Sæbø took over the farm in 2020, operations were expanded and cider production quickly became a reality.

World class cider

Dan Olav Sæbø is a committed man who after 13 years as a carpenter wanted to try something new. He took over the farm at home on Sæbø and continued the fruit and apple juice production his parents had run for many years. After a short time, Dan Olav became hungry for more, and in 2020 he chose to expand and therefore start with side production. Already in the summer of the same year, Dan Olav sent a bottle of «Silver Cider» for evaluation in what is called the World Cider Awards. The cider went all the way to the top and won gold for the world’s best cider in the class «sparkling cider». https://www.worldciderawards.com But the success does not stop here. In July 2021, the award-winning cider became available in the norwegian wine monopoly’s range, which significantly increases demand. In order to be able to produce what the market demands, a new cider brewery is being built, and Dan Olav has dreams of cider tasting at home on the farm in the near future. https://apalsideri.no 

Our role

Development race with a focus on concept development.

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