Vivon is a newly established course and competence center that helps individuals, managers and the business community to experience increased job satisfaction and life quality. This is done through a self-developed method that includes a holistic perspective on the individual, the manager and the company. The founders of Vivon are three competent ladies with a genuine commitment to help others succeed.

Life mastering strengthen job satisfaction

The startup

Almost 10 years after writing a master’s thesis at BI together, Enomi Gründer Eva Sørmo discovered that her former studdy friend Elisabeth T. Wetteland also was an entrepreneur and ran her own coaching business. They decided to take a coffee together to learn about each other’s entrepreneurial journeys, and found out that they worked with 2 common denominators; feelings and attitudes. These denominators are closely related, and one does not exclude the other.

Two became three

In May 2021, Eva and Elisabeth worked at the same office and were establishing a new joint company. In this process, they were made aware that another enterprising lady was circulating, Ingrid Roth, who also had her own company focusing on counseling and coaching within family, marital breakdown and divorce. They contacted Ingrid with an ulterior motive for a potential collaboration. The starting point was that instead of being competitors, they could rather exchange services, and together tailor an offer.

In addition to complementary competence and supplementary services, other factors drove the desire to establish a dialogue. The three ladies had made their entrepreneurial dream come true, but in many situations they had also felt that it was difficult to sit alone all the time.

«It was a relief to finally be able to discuss specific issues and business with 2 others. Inside your own head, it can sometimes become crowded or completely empty. » – Eva Sørmo

Being three entrepreneurs in a company has given Vivon increased opportunities and potential. They have a breadth of expertise and life experience that will ensure customers a comprehensive offer that has not previously been available. It gives them a scalability, and not least the opportunity to reach more people who will benefit from their contribution and expertise. What they are passionate about is; that people are heroes in their own lives. Businesses are heroes to their employees and the society.

Establishment and operation

The new Vivon was established in September 2021, and has developed into a course and competence center that contributes to individuals, managers and the business community experiencing increased job satisfaction and quality of life. This is done through a self-developed method that includes a holistic perspective on the individual, the manager and the company. The method does not isolate work and private life. It includes. If you have a tough time i your private life, it affects how you feel at work and vice versa. If you struggle in the leadership role, it will possibly affect how you look at yourself privately. If a team or project is about to unravel, it will affect the company’s bottom line.


Vivon recently entered a partnership with one of Norway’s DNCF certified NLP and Coaching Schools; Ålreit Coaching & Kompetansesenter. This means that in addition to counseling and coaching, they can now offer coaching education that develops employees and managers so that they are able to bring out the best in themselves and others. The course starts in Stavanger in January and includes both theory and practice to ensure a progressive development of resources and competence.

Everyday life in Vivon is not like an elegant tango across the floor. Here, there are daily heels that break, frustrating outbursts, cutting faults, and some pirouettes that make any skilled dancer dizzy. But at its most elegant, it’s like a well-choreographed piece of art. Each fall is necessary for development and learning. This is a marathon and not a sprint. Every day is outside the comfort zone, and yet another reason not to be alone.

«If one of us have a hard day, the others can pull the load. We all need to feel a little comfortable from time to time to catch up the processes we are in. » – Elisabeth T. Wetteland

That life happens along the way is the essence of Vivon. Life happens for the customers and it happens for Eva, Ingrid and Elisabeth as well. No exceptions. They work every day to be among the best at this. Set the standard for the joy of life through life at work and in private. That is why one of Vivon’s core values is self-care. We are passionate about every individual, manager, employee and company succeeding when life happens. With our method, toolbox, competence and partners, we contribute to increased quality of life, robustness and job satisfaction.

Our role

Ingrid’s company was already a målbedrift in TEAL, and to ensure a good start and a smooth process at the beginning of the collaboration, the three-leaf clover hired TEAL as a business developer. TEAL has helped Vivon get off to a steady start, and helped with progress and structure.

«Having a professional business developer like TEAL on the team in the start-up phase has been invaluable. TEAL has ensured a professional, serious, enterprising and open process, which has contributed to security and useful learning before jumping into it.» – Ingrid Roth

3 pieces of advice for those considering merging

  • Do not be naive, do a thorough background check of your potential partners.
  • Be transparent with each other – all cards on the table, have a clarification of expectations.
  • Establish a collaboration agreement / shareholder agreement early.

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