Villa Rosehagen opens Skafferiet in Vågabakken in Jørpeland

In 1952, Marcelius Pedersen opened a butcher shop in Vågabakken. Now Sonja Hargaut and Ragnhild Alsvik are following in Marcelius’ footsteps by opening Skafferiet Vågabakken. 70 years after Marcelius Pedersen opened a butcher shop in Vågabakken, these ladies will create a meeting place for everyone from zero to a hundred years.

There is far too little space in Rosehagen

The word – Skafferi means pantry in Swedish, and in good Marcelius spirit you will find a blissful mix of great interior products, freshly ground coffee, food products from near and far, as well as an ice cream bar you can only dream of. Skafferiet welcomes both young and old, tourists and local patriots, urbanites and farmers.

Skafferiet has been in Villa Rosehagen for a while, but the space was too small to have the selection Sonja and Ragnhild wanted. Therefore, the choice fell on the old butcher shop in Vågabakken, which Per Torkelsen’s grandfather started and ran for many years. Per has contributed valuable historical knowledge that will be an important part of the framework in the store. Therefore, original tiles have been retained so that the store’s soul has the opportunity to join in the new history that is now being built.

Villa Rosehagen has a målbedriftsavtale with TEAL, with business developer Sigve Skretting as advisor.

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