Urchinomics delivers premium quality sea urchins to restaurants worldwide. At the same time, they make sure to restore the balance in ecosystems where sea urchins have had a too dominant effect.

Restore ecosystems to feed the world

Urchinomics really focuses on quality and the environment, and delivers sea urchins from areas where the kelp forest has disappeared and an imbalance has arisen due to increasing pollution and kelp trawling. To restore the balance of the ecosystems associated with sea urchins, these are removed to make room for new kelp forest. Through Urchinomic’s unique breeding techniques, they are able to turn empty sea urchins into consistent products with identical taste, color and roe yield within 6-10 weeks. With such short farming cycles, Urchinomics is able to adapt to market demand, and has thus made sea urchins of the highest quality available all year round. https://www.urchinomics.com/

Our role

TEAL has contributed to linking Urchinomics to Rogaland Havbrukspark. Through the aquaculture park, Urchinomics will have access to laboratories, as well as a community that facilitates development and innovation. Rogaland H is an incubator for marine species and functions as a competence center for the aquaculture industry within land-based aquaculture of fish and other species within aquaculture. (https://www.roghav.no)

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