Skavland gartneri

Skavland Gartneri produces and delivers tomatoes of true Norwegian quality. With 26,000 sqm of modern greenhouses on the farm and a family with tomatoes as a lifestyle, large quantities of tomatoes are delivered to distributors all over the country.

Tomato for generations

As much as every other tomato consumed in Norway comes from Ryfylke just outside Stavanger. The surroundings here consist of fjords, mountains and sea, and these are favorable growing conditions for tomatoes. Skavland Gartneri is one of the largest farms in this region and is run by Håvard Skavland who is a third generation tomato grower. In 2021, he has been growing tomatoes for a full 26 years. He gets good help from his wife Edle, and the children who will possibly be the next generation of tomato growers. Skavland horticulture produces various varieties of tomatoes, including juanita tomatoes, pearl tomatoes, red tomatoes and cluster tomatoes. The tomatoes from Skavland Gartneri are delivered to Bama, which distributes them to Rema 1000 and Norgesgruppen. (

Our role

TEAL has helped Skavland Gartneri with the application process for Innovation Norway. This has contributed to Skavland Gartneri being granted a subsidy for, among other things, LED lights in the greenhouses. Together with Skavland Gartneri, we have also looked at growth opportunities in management, organization and strategy.

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