Ryfylke has always been a fruit-region, but in resent years fruit and berries in Ryfylke have gained increased focus and a tremendous boost. Therefore, Ryfylkefrukt SA and Rogaland frukt- og bærdyrkerlag have started the prosess to get a protected geographical indication.

High-quality fruit that deserves recognition

There are many factors which is the cause og the boost, but most importantly, fruit and berry producers are very good at collaborating and sharing knowledge. Other important factors are new cultivation methods, support from Innovasjon Norge for investment in new cultivation and a corporate fruit packing plant in Årdal. The fruit packing plant that opened in Årdal in 2017 has really given the fruit and berry industry a boost. The fruit farmers now have a professional and social meeting place and a facility that is designed for efficient packaging.

Another significant reason is that the market demands local and Norwegian food. As a measure to satisfy the market effort are being made to improve the knowledge and information of customers in the Norwegian market. Stiftelsen Norsk Mat contributes to increasing diversity, quality and value creation in Norwegian food production and controls well-knows brand schemes such as Nyt Norge, Spesialitet and protected geographical indication.

Telemarksfrukt and Hardangerfrukt have both had their own regulations approved on the protected geographical indication for their fruit, and Ryfylkefrukt SA wants to achieve the same in a collaboration with Rogaland frukt og bærdyrkerlag. Getting a separate regulation approved will strengthen the position in the market, it can help to create identity and it will be easier for consumers to choose Norwegian food. TEAL has been commissioned to design the application through målbedriftsavtalen, and the project has received financial support through Ryfylkefondet.

TEAL cheers on the fruit and berry investment in the region, and hopes that the investment gives producers the economic growth they deserve!

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