Rogaland Havbruks-park

As a player in Rogaland Aquaculture Park, you enter an established start-up environment that is adapted for research and development in land-based farming.

Increase the chance of commercial success

The aquaculture park is located on Judaberg on Finnøy outside Stavanger, where they have premises with adapted infrastructure for marine species. They have licenses for 27 unique species of fish and shellfish, which makes the spectrum large and the possibilities many. As a player in the aquaculture park, it is easy to get started, and the need for investments is minimal. You can get help from idea to commercialization and have access to a network consisting of serial contractors, industry experts and researchers.

Our role

TEAL has played an important role in the realization of Rogaland Aquaculture Park. We have contributed to the development of strategies and objectives, as well as commercialization. TEAL will continue to be part of the development of Rogaland Aquaculture Park in the future, but at the same time work together with Rogaland Aquaculture Park to increase their players’ chance of commercial success. We can contribute with everything from business development and consulting, to investor search and marketing.

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