Helgøysund Marina went all the way to the top!

Helgøysund Marina was one out of 16 guest harbors in Norway that were nominated for the generous award Guest Harbor of the Year 2022. Six of the nominees went on to the final, and two of the finalists received as much as 75% of the votes. In the end, it was Helgøysund Marina that went all the way to the top. The competition is arranged by Båtmagasinet.

Helgøysund Marina went all the way to the top in the national selection, and can now adorn themselves with the title Guest Harbor of the Year 2022!

An extremely well-deserved honorary title that does not come by itself! Over the last couple of years, the team at Helgøysund has worked extremely hard to develop themselves, the shop, the restaurant and the marina in order to give their guests the best possible experience. Helgøysund Marina is an active målbedrift in næringshageprogrammet, and in 2020 they set a hairy goal of being named Norway’s best guest harbor again. The last time was in 2008. Helgøysund Marina was already a popular destination for many boaters, but at the same time needed a boost to prepare for the future and ensure development and profitable sustainable operations. A major project was therefore initiated together with TEAL to ensure short-term and long-term development of the marina.

«We are very pleased to have TEAL involved in the development of Helgøysund Marina. The project has been led by Bent O. Hansen, and the work that has been done has been an important contribution to us receiving the award Guest Harbor of the Year 2022.» – Oddfrid Nedrebø, General manager Helgøysund Marina

TEAL has assisted with concept development (marina, restaurant and cabin rental), competence development, commercialization focus, development of a new menu, staff training, profiling (logo, websites, serving equipment +) and ordering solutions for the restaurant +++. The project also received Covid19 support from Stavanger kommune. TEAL was the responsible applicant, and completed the entire application process.

Helgøysund has been a natural meeting place for 100 years, and is an important destination for boaters, cabin people, locals and other visitors. The Nedrebø family has run a shop in Helgøysund since 1923, and a guest harbor since 1969. The facility consists of a large marina, «Joker» grocery store and its own restaurant.

Read more about Helgøysund Marina at https://helgoysund.no/

Article photo: Daniel Nedrebø Gjertsen

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