Jone Wiig Gartneri

An unusual horticulture who have sold unwashed carrots for a long time have now together with Arne Nese developed a crispbread made out of vegetables.

Future-oriented horticulture with exiting ideas

«Bonden og Kokken» as Jone Wiig and Arne Nese call themselves, have had a collaboration for many years and have tested several things.

Food waste, together with short-distance, Norwegian food, is in the spotlight for both of them, and now after almost 2 years of testing and adjustments, it was time to launch «Jærknekken».

The crispbreads contain approx. 50 percent vegetables and come in three varieties; cauliflower, carrot and beetroot. Initially, the products are sold in selected Coop Mega and Coop Obs stores in the region, as well as several local farms. The vegetable puree used in the crispbreads are made of vegetables that would actually have been thrown away or used as animal feed due to scratches, wrong size or wrong shape. Food waste in the industry is high due to high demands on appearance, and even though large quantities go to animals, much food ends up as rubbish.

«Jærknekken» is not only a product that takes food waste into account, it is also a product that promotes value creation for several local businesses. Stangeland Mølle is responsible for the grain mixture, Attende in Forus is responsible for the production of the vegetable puree and Stavanger Konditori is responsible for the bake-process in newly invested ovens.


With other words, this is a crispbread you can enjoy with good conscience!

Jone Wiig Gartneri is located in Orre, just outside Stavanger. Here, cauliflower, turnips and carrots are produced in season, and inside the greenhouses, cucumbers are produced continually throughout the year. Jone Wiig has run the garden since 1997 and is concerned with quality and bringing out the good flavors in the vegetables that are grown, therefore all of the vegetables on the farm are packed before being sent out to shops and consumers.

Jone Wiig Gartneri is a målbedrift at TEAL, and we congratulate Jone and Arne with the launch of an incredibly exciting product that helps to reduce food waste in the first stage. The government and the Norwegian food industry decided in 2017 to reduce food waste in Norway with 50% by 2030. Food waste includes all usable parts of food produced for humans, but which are either thrown away or taken out of the food chain for purposes other than human food. Initiatives such as «Jærknekken» contribute positively to achieving this goal.

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