Bygdakokken opens café at Innbyggar-torget in Judaberg

Joakim Moberg Wiborg – Bygdakokken – opens a new Café at Innbyggartorget in Judaberg on March 1st. Joakim has long worked actively to create his own restaurant on Finnøy, and now the dream finally comes true. Photo: Rita Lindås

Joakim welcomes to the festive opening on March 1 at 12pm!

Since 2016, Bygdakokken has provided catering services for small and large events. The reference list includes everything from 40-year-old celebrations, Christmas parties «at home» and large wedding dinners.

Joakim wants to create an offer for residents and visitors to Finnøy who want to enjoy everything from simple snacks to a full dinner. The good meal is at the center of the development of the new Café, and local ingredients from Ryfylke and the surrounding area will be central to the food served.

The menu will consist of everything from salads and soups to sandwiches, home cooking and burgers and more. In addition, there will of course be delicious baking and cakes, says Joakim enthusiastically.

«Inbyggartorget should be more than just a place to eat – it should be a gathering place for all age groups. The café should be the place for informal atmosphere, good company and of course a good dose of humor!» – Joakim Moberg Wiborg

Joakim has a long career in the kitchen. He started his apprenticeship with Arne Brimi, and has worked at Bølgen & Moi, Fossheim Hotell, Tom Viktor Gausdal, Preikestolen Fjellstove, Lysefjordsenteret and Bakeriet i Lom.

Bygdakokken is a målbedrift in TEAL. Our business developers Per Øystein Sandvin and Bent O. Hansen have contributed with the development of agreements, concepts, commercialization and business plans.

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