Grøningens sjømatakademi

A learning concept for children and young people that includes fishing, gathering, raw material processing and cooking. The purpose is to provide increased knowledge about seafood as food and the importance of the Norwegian seafood industry. Photographer: Fredrik Ringe

From sea to table

Based on the ambitions that children and young people should eat more seafood, Restaurant Grøningen has started to establish a seafood academy with activities that involve the participants in practical work with seafood, from sea to table. They want to inspire children and young people to make conscious choices about healthy everyday food and show them opportunities for a varied diet. The academy gives the younger generation opportunities to make healthy choices based on their own preferences. Children and young people will see the connection between catching raw materials and finished products, and with this gain knowledge also about cooking.

Positive food experiences and participation in cooking through childhood lay the foundation for eating habits and eating patterns as an adult. Today, there are many children and young people who do not become particularly involved in cooking at home due to a hectic everyday life. Chefs are great role models for children and young people and they have a high level of food knowledge. Through the seafood academy, they will convey and motivate food enjoyment for young and old, and inform, give advice and inspire through practical learning.

Restaurant Grøningen is a «målbedrift» in TEAL. Our business developer Sigve Skretting has contributed to the development of the concept and to designing applications. Sigve will also be a part of the start-up phase, planning the program and with the implementation.

The long-term goal is for the academy to be developed into an offer for children and young people throughout the region.

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