Grøningen seafood-academy for youngsters was arranged for the first time on 7 June

7th grade from Kvitsøy skole had an educational and exciting day which included collecting shells, cleaning, filleting and frying fish cakes and scallops. Photographer: Endre Hartvigsen

The summary testified to a very successful course day which ended with a solemn awarding of diplomas to all

Attendance was at Grøningen quay where 7th graders from Kvitsøy skole were welcomed by Kvitsøy diving club. They took the gang on the first part of the academy, which included a bit about diving as an exciting hobby, collecting shells and about life in the sea. The divers demonstrated diving and came up with completely fresh scallops.

The catch was then taken on to Grøningen and the Lobster Museum’s kitchen to plan and carry out the preparation of today’s meal. The young people cleaned, filleted, made kraft, stuffing, fried fish cakes and scallops with good guidance from Karl Erik Pallesen, Andreas Garman Gjesdal and Lasse Pallesen.

The academy is a collaboration between Restaurant Grøningen and TEAL AS with Sigve Skretting as project manager. The academy is also supported by Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Lerøy Delico, Sterling White Halibut and Norwegian Seafood Council. 

The background for the seafood academy is the national ambitions for children and young people to eat more seafood, and activities aimed directly at children and young people in the municipality and in the municipalities around us are facilitated. The people involved want to inspire the young people to make conscious choices about healthy everyday food and show opportunities for a varied diet. The academy aims to make a positive contribution to the reputation of the Norwegian seafood industry.

By involving the young people in practical work with seafood, this contributes to increased knowledge about the Norwegian seafood industry. With Kvitsøy’s rich traditions in seafood and Restaurant Grøningen as a new meeting point, this is a dissemination concept where young people can experience and learn more about the many qualities of seafood.

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