GladQ delivers smart solutions for cowshed. The solutions make the animals more satisfied, and give the farmers less work. Animals that thrive will produce more and the products GladQ delivers have a documented effect on health problems.

Better existence for farmer an cow

The requirement for free-range cowshed by 2034 and other guidelines puts many farmers in a situation where they have to upgrade the cowsheds to meet the government’s requirements. GladQ can contribute with efficient and good solutions that not only meet the requirements and guidelines, but also ensure stable and increased milk production. GladQ is a supplier and installer of 2-part water mattresses that have a documented effect on health problems. Health problems affect the cow’s performance and udder inflammation, pressure ulcers, back injuries and injuries and swelling in the hock joints are known problems for many farmers. By installing 2-part water mattresses in free-range cowsheds, these health problems are reduced and veterinary costs are kept to a minimum, in addition, the cow produces more milk and thrives better.

Our role

TEAL collaborates with GladQ and helps with further development of the company. Going forward, new websites are in focus, as well as a new business plan and organization.

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