Eiane Gard – New målbedrift in TEAL

In beautiful Ryfylke, and along Jøsenfjorden lies Eiane Gard. There has been farming here since the 15th century, and the farm has stayed in the same family for ten generations. Now the former engineer from shipping Jon Eiane Brandal has taken over the operation of the farm, where he, together with his girlfriend Elodie and sister Solveig focuses on apple cider, honey, fruit and accommodation.

Production record in 2022

Eiane Gard currently produces two different types of cider; Brist and Fyndig. Jon is very concerned about the quality of his products, and has, among other things, chosen to bottle ferment the cider instead of adding carbon dioxide. In addition, he also uses honey from his own farm as a sweetener, (Brist) and freezing concentration (Fyndig) as a technique.

The farm produces a large variety of apples; Aroma, Discovery, Gravenstein and Rubinstep. The apples are used both in cider production and as table apples for sale via the farm shop and Coop. In 2022, the farm has set a new production record with 4,000 liters of cider, and has ambitions for further growth. The cider is sold in the farm shop at Eiane Gard, and at several bars and restaurants in the region.

During the summer of 2022, the farm will also open its own Bed & Breakfast where sister Solveig will be in charge. Here you will be able to spend the night in scenic surroundings, benefit from beautiful swimming areas and a variety of hiking opportunities.

TEAL is engaged to assist Eiane Gard with the concept development of the farm, and then with the cider production as the main focus.

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