Destinasjon Bjerkreim

Bjerkreim municipality launches new web portal for tourism in Bjerkreim

More than you think! will be a showcase for nature experiences, local food, activities, accommodation, but also show what other local companies can offer. The portal is owned by Bjerkreim municipality, and developed in collaboration between the municipality and TEAL / Bjerkreim Næringshage. The portal presents offers in Bjerkreim municipality and nearby areas. The portal is also present on social media with the hashtag #destinasjonbjerkreim. The portal makes extensive use of visual tools such as photos and video, and its main goal is to create enthusiasm for Bjerkreim as a tourist destination.

Our role

TEAL initiated the project in collaboration with Bjerkreim municipality in the autumn of 2020, and has been the project manager throughout the project. Destination Bjerkreim is still under development, and we are working on new functionality. TEAL is behind the idea, concept, design, storyboard, coordination and implementation. In addition, TEAL has together with the municipality arranged several workshops for the local business community with a focus on tourism, local food and experiences. Website and photo / video are provided by our subcontractors.

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