Cealtech works with the development and production of graphene, which is a high-quality material with great potential in the future.

Stronger than steel – flexible like rubber

Graphene is known to be the strongest and thinnest material ever made. It is 200 times stronger than steel and at the same time very flexible. Cealtech has together with Caltech University in the USA developed a machine that makes it possible to mass produce the material. Cealtech works actively with research and looks at opportunities for implementing the material in existing products, as well as how the material can be used in combination with other materials. Other materials can, for example, be composites such as fiber-reinforcing polymers / coatings that can, among other things, increase durability and abrasion resistance, as well as help with corrosion problems. In battery materials, this can increase capacity and fast charging ability. https://cealtech.com

Our role

As a næringshage and Siva partner, TEAL is affiliated with Norsk Katapult, and we have connected Cealtech to the catapult center Future Materials. A catapult center will help to shorten the path from idea to market. This is done by offering facilities, equipment, expertise and networks. https://norskkatapult.no Future materials is one of the catapult centers, and is a competence partner for selection, testing and development of materials and production technology. https://www.futurematerials.no In collaboration with Future Materials, Cealtech has tested graphene together with other materials to test possibilities.

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