Bryne Plast

Bryne Plast focuses on local circular economy and puts sustainability on the agenda.

From shampoo bottle to safety product in the oil industry – circular economy in practice

Plastics have become a scapegoat when it comes to sustainability and the environment, but Bryne Plast wants to turn this association into something positive. The conditions locally for sustainable plastic production have never been better! IVAR’s sorting plant at Forus creates the basis for a small revolution in local sustainability and circular economy. Recycling plastic has a major environmental benefit, and saves the environment about 2.5 liters of oil per kilo of plastic produced. Bryne Plast AS sees great opportunities for new short-distance products based on plastic waste from the region, and is actively working on the development of this.

Our role

As a business park and Siva partner, TEAL is affiliated with Norsk Katapult, and we have connected Bryne Plast to the catapult center Future Materials. A catapult center will help shorten the path from idea to market. This is done by offering facilities, equipment, expertise and networks. Future materials is one of the catapult centers, and is a competence partner for selection, testing and development of materials and production technology. In collaboration with Future Materials, Bryne Plast has tested regenerated plastic from IVAR’s plant on forus. The aim was to test the flow properties of regenerated plastic from IVAR’s plant with a view to commercial production of new products based on plastic waste from households and companies in the region. TEAL continues to collaborate with Bryne Plast with a view to further development and opportunities for regenerated plastic.

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